L26 T-Shirt in Organic White Cotton with Ballerina Design




-White T-Shirt in 100% Organic Cotton

-Logo Design on the front

-Ballerina Design on the back

Focusing exclusively on the use of high-quality organic material, L26 has worked tirelessly on the creation of the perfect white t-shirt. After going through a long manufacturing and design process, L26 has revolutionised the white T-shirt concept bringing a more up to date, contemporary version to the 21st century.

Inspired by the world of ballet, our ballerina design is perfect to add a touch of elegance which follows your every movement.

Perfect with trousers, skirts or to use under blazers, the L26 ballerina t-shirt boasts a wonderful 100% organic cotton fabric.

*Shipping: up to 3 weeks

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